Inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel Notes from the underground, The other’s shadow is a multidisciplinary and polyphonic project that spans performance, video-installation, visual art, site-specific and time-based media to talk about objects, people, landscapes and architectures that are no longer useful socially or practically in New York City. What is valuable? What is useless? What is art? What is rubbish? What is reality and what is fiction? What is true and what is false? What is success and what is failure? The project aims to discuss ideas between these counterpoints. The creation has been developed by Rodrigo Fischer in New York City through a series of artistic residencies and postdoctoral research at NYU’s Performance Studies Department supervised by Andre Lepecki.

The project has a flexible structure and narrative so that situations, scenes, objects and images collected in the cities would become part of the performance. Therefore, the performance would change each time it is presented in a different city while maintaining its overall structure. The performer would arrive in the city at least fifteen days before the presentation to investigate the place, to meet people immersed in the underground environment, in order to produce audio-visual content, and finally program the performance based on material collected. 

Conception and Direction: Rodrigo Fischer

Design and Set Designer: Yasmin Santana

Props and Artistic Collaboration: Patrícia Márjorie

Production: Gio Mielle and Grupo Desvio

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The other’s shadow in New York City (A sombra dos outros em Nova Iorque) from Rodrigo Fischer on Vimeo.