Grupo Desvio was created in 2001 in the city of Brasilia to investigate, experiment and present theatrical projects focusing on the creative process of the actor. From 2008 the group begins to appropriate new technologies and audiovisual poetics to enhance the actor’s poetic. In 2016, interdisciplinarity begins to be the fundamental source to create works for galleries, museums, urban spaces and cinemas. Created by director Rodrigo Fischer, the group produced nine projects: Pequena Existência, Uma Disputa na Merda (2002), Beckett às Avessas (2004), Eutro – Tequila à Luz de Velas (2007), EUTRO (2009), Freak Rehearsal (2013)  and Misanthrofreak (2014), Os Fracassados (2015), Carnavalization of a lonely man (2017) and The other’s shadow (2018).

The plays were staged on main Brazilian capitals and attracted audience from several countries: France, Argentina, USA, Spain, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Belarus and Estonia.Throughout its career, the Group received support and formed partnerships with several institutions: Fund to support culture from Distrito Federal, National Arts Foundation, Petrobras, Caixa Econômica Federal and Brazil’s Ministry of Culture. 

Currently, the group’s focus has been delimited by the use of technology, the influence of cinematographic language on the stage, the interdisciplinary and how it can multiply the narrative while integrating the actor’s performance to the performance as a whole. In this sense, Desvio is currently showing three shows: Misanthrofreak, The losers and The other’s shadow